LDA offers a full scope of services from conceptual design through to construction.

Concept Design

We identify YOUR requirements through initial discussions to determine the lighting design objective and interpret the idea into a full concept for further design development.

  • Presentation of the lighting concept design

Design Development

We provide site inspections, attend mock-up installations, final commissioning and set-up of the luminaire direction. Directional luminaires are aimed and focused. Dimming and control systems are tweaked and balanced to create the perfect ambiance, energy efficiency and performance.

  • Site visits to supervise final scene setting
  • Site Inspection report
  • Compiled rectification list report to client

Construction Administration

We develop the concept design from gathered feedbacks and prepare initial lighting layout drawings with installation details, control management and preliminary luminaire specification.

  • General calculation of illuminance levels area
  • Finalisation of lighting layout plans
  • Finalisation of  luminaire and control Schedule
  • Analysis of mounting details and installation


We prepare a set of fully coordinated final design documentation which includes but is not limited to lighting layout drawings, light fitting specifications, lighting control specifications and light fitting control schedule.

  • Lighting layout plans
  • Luminaire specification
  • Control management